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Professional  Development 


Presentations for anyone guiding or working with adolescents: educators, counseling professionals, medical personnel, and community youth programs


What's Hip, What's Hype and What's Legit:

New School Drug Ed 

Substances of abuse are getting stronger and more dangerous, use is getting younger and youth addiction rates are growing. Find out what's new and currently trending amongst our adolescents, as well as the latest "hot-of-the-presses" research on risks of the "good 'ole stuff" to developing brains. 

Addiction-Proofing Our Students

In an Addictive World

Learn why ALL youth are "at risk" for substance use and risky decisions, and how we can empower them with resilience and protective factors to steer healthily through the increasing temptations & pressures to use. Can be modified for schools, counselors, medical professionals or organizations to include relevant prevention & early intervention tools. 

Through the framework of my own personal story, learn  about the psychological, environmental and biological factors that can contribute to the development of a

substance use disorder, the progression of addiction,

and the path to recovery.


A Teen Addict's Story: 

A Journey Through Risk Factors, Progression, 

and Recovery 


Workshops include handouts of summarized information and additional resources. Participants become automatic "members" of this website giving them unlimited access to "members only" resources and ongoing information updates.

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