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School Consultation

We are facing an explosion of youth overdoses/poisonings and a THC and nicotine vaping epidemic that is plaguing our campuses and interfering with students’ learning and potential let me help. Consultations are co-created to be relevant and impactful for each school community. They can include any combination of the following, based on your school’s needs:

  • A community needs assessment to identify issues of concern

  • Consultation with Administrators and School Counselors on implementing systemic approaches to address identified concerns including: 

    • applying proven prevention science 

    • early intervention approaches 

    • policies surrounding substance use and effective discipline 

    • curricular infusion

    • Peer Education program development 

    • designing/accessing and implementing impactful comprehensive drug education 

    • guidance towards supportive resources


Packages will be individually designed for your school, and can be combined with professional development for your staff, parent education and/or direct student instruction. 

Workshops can also be modified and designed specifically for a population's needs. Contact me to talk about it!

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