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Parent  Workshops 


Interactive education for parents & others raising adolescents  


Not MY Kid: Preventing & Intervening

in Adolescent Substance Use



What's Hip, What's Hype, and What's Legit:

New School Drug Ed 



Information about how to identify and overpower risk factors for early substance use, and strengthen protective factors. Learn how to start and maintain open dialogue with your kids about drugs and alcohol, and help them resist peer pressure. Including tips on responding to substance experimentation or problematic use. 

Substances of abuse are getting stronger and more dangerous, use is getting younger and youth addiction and overdose rates are growing. Find out what's new and currently trending amongst our adolescents, as well as the latest "hot-of-the-presses" research on risks of the "good 'ole stuff" to developing brains. 


Addiction-Proofing Our Kids 

in an Addictive World


As parents, we can feel like we are swimming upstream in an increasingly complex, dangerous, and addictive world. Gain empowering information and skills to help your kids develop an inner compass that will steer them healthily through self-destructive options of adolescence into a thriving young adulthood. 

Parents and students in 5th-12th grades come together for this interactive workshop to gain shared language and understanding about youth drug and alcohol abuse, greater empathy for each other, and agreements on how to maintain mutual trust through middle and high school. 


Catalyzing  the  Conversation:

Creating Mutual Understanding, Trust &

Dialogue About Substances and other  



Workshops include handouts of summarized comprehensive information and resources. Participants become automatic "members" of this website giving them unlimited access to "members only" resources and ongoing information updates. 

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