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Research demonstrates that the more adolescents have clarity on their values and goals, the more likely they are to make healthy decisions for themselves. ALL adolescents are “at-risk youth" because of how their developing brains tend to minimize risks, crave excitement, and are still developing the ability to consider long-range and big picture thinking. These activities can help build essential protective factors, helping prevent self-destructive choices and empower students to be and achieve what they want most for themselves.


All activities are applicable to diverse students in middle school through college and can be facilitated individually or in group settings. They can be conducted during longer time blocks or broken into brief sessions (like homeroom or advisory groups). This unit is a perfect segway into goal-setting activities.


What's Included:

22 total pages

Part 1: Exploring & Clarifying our Values

Lesson plan and materials for three activities that can be done separately or together to help students identify and make meaning from their values: Values Rating activity, Values Auction, and

Part 2: Finding Harmony Between our Values and Actions

Lesson plan and interactive worksheet leads students in identifying how their actions are both “in harmony” and “out of sync” with their deepest held values identified in Part One.

Exploring Values to Guide Healthy Decision-Making

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