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Substance Use Resources 

Below are resources hand selected by me. Please enjoy my absolute favorite content.


Drug & Alcohol Info 


Youth Risk Behavior Survey

National middle & high school survey that includes questions on substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors, and breaks down data by state.  

Monitoring the Future Survey

Survey of national youth drug trends conducted for 25+ years.

National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health

Surveys national drug abuse trends in kids age 12+. 

CDC Shareable graphics & videos

Great graphics to help teach/share current opioid stats /students and families

National Youth Tobacco Survey

Annual national survey by the CDC of Youth behaviors, attitudes & exposure related to nicotine products.




National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Scientific Information about all drugs of abuse and how to assess problems.

Truth Initiative

Anti-nicotine education, research, and activism


Still Blowing Smoke

Up-to-date Info on ecigs. Great collection of articles.

E-cigarette & Vaping Products Visual Dictionary

A visual overview of vaping devices, products and how they are used


Know the Risks: Ecigs & Young People 

Report from Surgeon General 


Curriculum Resources 


Safety First: Real Drug Education for Teens

Comprehensive FREE substance education curriculum from the Drug Policy Alliance. Takes a progressive harm reduction approach, with a social justice and trauma-informed lens.

Too Good for Drugs
Evidence-based comprehensive K-12 curricula programs ranging from $180-$265/grade K-8 and $400 for all of high school.

National Institute for Drug Abuse for Teachers

An extensive collection of science and standards-based classroom lessons and multimedia activities on teens and drugs created by NIDA.

Scholastic Heads Up (Real News About Drugs & Your Body) for Teachers

Lesson plans, printables and articles for students

Natural High

A large selection of videos from diverse familiar role models with discussion guides and worksheets that make for easy (and last-minute) powerful classes.

Learn. Genetics. The Science of Addiction.

Information, lesson plans and interactive web-based activities for infusing the study of drugs and addictions into science curriculum for 6-12th.

Above the Influence

Great website for tweens/teens, with substance info and empowerment to challenge peer and media pressure, and take care of friends. A good site to use for a Webquest.

Just Think Twice

Teen-targeted (DEA) website with drug stats and info and relatable real-life teen addiction stories

Media Detectives

Media literacy for elementary students re: drugs and alcohol

Common Sense Media: Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Articles, advice and videos re: teen-targeted pro-use media messages, how they impact our youth, and how to help kids arm themselves against them.



Bi-lingual e-learning game-based modules for middle and high schoolers from MD Anderson Cancer Centers.

Catch My Breath

FREE ecig & prevention program for middle and high school with 4 lessons at 30-40 minutes designed to be student-centered learning facilitated by peer leaders. Uses a variety of educational strategies including: cooperative learning groups, group discussions, goal setting, interviews, and analyzing mass media.The program also provides teacher education, online resources, and take-home materials for parents.

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Free You & Me, Together Vape Free Curriculum for middle and high school - 6 lesson, remote options available, Mapped for the National Health Education Standards.  Features engaging Canva-based lessons that are editable! 

Everfi: Vaping - Know the Truth

A free 4-lesson curriculum for High School students (40 mins each) in partnership with the Truth Initiative that focus on problem use, quitting and alternatives.

Make Smoking History

Toolkit for Schools from MA Dpt of Health, includes a wealth of resources for admin, counselors and health educators including adaptable resources (powerpoint presentations, handouts) to educate parents/staff.


SmokeSCREEN: A Smoking/Vaping Prevention Videogame

Online game for ages 10-16 developed by Yale & CVS partnership. Early data showing it effectively increasing knowledge and attitude shifting re: smoking and ecig use.


Get Smart about Tobacco (Scholastic)

Health and Science education lessons re: nicotine products for grades 3-7


The Real Cost of Vaping: Understanding the Dangers of Teen E-cigarette Use

Single High School lesson plan (including newest data) from a collaboration between the U.S. FDA & Scholastic.

Take Down Tobacco

Complete and comprehensive training program for Youth Peer Educators in middle and high school! 

Great Rise of Vaping video (20 mins) about vaping risks & marketing (heavy on youth voices) & Refusal Skills activity

Know the Risks: A Youth Guide to E-cigarettes

CDC Presentation materials for any adults serving youth ages 11 – 18 including PowerPoint and talking points.



Smart Talk: Cannabis Awareness & Prevention Toolkit

Free 5-lesson Curriculum for middle and high school created by the same awesome Stanford folk that brought us the Tobacco Toolkit. Features engaging Canva-based lessons that are editable! 


Ask Listen Learn 

Free videos & lesson plans, games for teaching middle schoolers re: alcohol's affects on the developing brain. From the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. 

Resources for media literacy lesson (mocking alcohol advertising industry):

AlcoholEdu® for High School

Free curriculum takes a public health approach to alcohol ed, incorporating evidence-based prevention methods

CAMY (Center of Alcohol Marketing & Youth)

Facts, research and an extensive marketing gallery on alcohol marketing and it’s impact on youth.



Fake & Fatal: One Pill Can Kill

Free high school curriculum on the dangers of fentanyl-laced Rx drugs and teaching materials for any staff member to facilitate. 

Real Deal on Fentanyl

3 free high school lessons for infusion into health, economics and chemistry class.


Alternatives to Suspension


Healthy Futures 

1, 2 or 4-hr Curriculum modules from Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit covers four main topics: Health Effects, Your Brain, Messaging, and Cost. The top program for Suspension Alternatives.


Free self-paced online educational modules for middle and high schoolers from MD Anderson Cancer Centers.



Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health (INDEPTH) is an interactive program that teaches students about nicotine dependence, establishing healthy alternatives and how to kick the unhealthy addiction that got them in trouble in the first place.

Discipline Is Not the Answer: Better Approaches to On-campus Student Tobacco Use

A report from the Truth Initiative discouraging suspension as a response to on-campus nicotine use. 


Nicotine Cessation Resources 

My LIfe My Quit

Teens receive 5 free text, phone or online support in the form of 5 sessions with a “Personal Quitting Coach” that uses motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral strategies.


This is Quitting

This text-based program from “Truth Initiative” involves receiving messages focused on building skills and confidence, and instant support when needed.


quitSTART app

Free smartphone app to guide teens and young adults in quitting nicotine. Serves as a coach, cheerleader and distracting playmate all in one! 

SmokefreeTXT for Teens

Includes online chat support and quit planning

Sign up by texting QUIT to 47848

In Spanish:  text LIBRE to 47848

American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program

For members of American Indian communities in CO, ID, IA, KS, MA, MI, NV, ND, PA, UT, VT, WY. Includes live conversations with trained health professionals, email and text support. 

Telephone Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Behavioral Cessation Supports for Youth and Young Adults

From the (American Academy of Pediatrics)


Tobacco Cessation Resources for Youth

From The American College of Preventative Medicine

Activism Opportunities

Take Action Hub from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids 

Presents regularly updated opportunities to speak up against tobacco industry and those supporting it.


Tobacco Endgame

Envites youth to join an anti-tobacco movement, including contacting elected officials, taking community leadership, and opportunities to fulfill community service hours. 

Lung Love Foundation

Started by a 17 yr old who suffered a collapsed lung from vaping

School Policy


Tobacco-Free Schools Toolkit

Includes model language for the adoption, implementation and enforcement of a 100% tobacco-free school district policy, as well as recommendations for curriculum, alternatives to suspension and cessation resources for students. 

Resources to Share with Parents

See Parent Resource Page

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