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Teens and Technology

Below are resources hand selected by me. Please enjoy my absolute favorite content.



Children & Screens

AWESOME resource that includes tips for parents of all-aged kiddos, an "Ask the Experts Webinar Series" on every screen-related issue that matters to us parents. All past webinars live on their YouTube channel


A clearinghouse of constantly updated helpful tips and resources about all things social media: app pros and cons, parental controls, online teens-peak. Videos, blog, newsletter, lives. A low-cost VIP membership unlocks another slew of great resources and supports! Including the Ultimate App Guide. They also have an APP and great YouTube channel

Get kids Internet Safe

Dr Tracy Bennett has an incredible blog, 3 online courses (see below), a free Family Screen Agreement, provides coaching and workshops, and has an App. 


Common Sense Media 

Provides reviews of media and technology, and ratings about the extent of language, sex, drugs and violence. Their "Parents Need to Know" section has rich sources of information and supports for parenting in our digital age. 


This popular on-line safety service also has an awesome blog chocked full of helpful intel for parents and schools. Including their 

A Parents Age-by-Age Guide to Screen Time 

Parentmap provides parenting tips for cell phones, apps and tech for kids, tweens and teens

The Screentime Consultant: Emily Cherkin

Emily provides parent & family coaching on screen-time agreements and interventions into problematic screen use, and has a course on Being a Tech-Intentional Parent and some great short YouTube videos w/tips. Emily also does school presentations. 


Janelle Burley Hoffman 

The mom who created the famous "iPhone contract heard around the world" has developed 

iRules Academy with free digital resources & video content, and her "Slow Tech Living" Blog.

Culture Reframed

FREE Family Tech Guide online parent education module! Covers boundaries and agreement re: tech, and smartphone readiness.


Childhood 2.0

This fantastic documentary (free on YouTube) gives adults insight into the world our children are navigating growing up in the digital age, featuring actual parents and kids as well as industry-leading experts in child safety and development. It's a great discussion-sparker about cyberbullying, online predators, mental health, body image and more.

Online Courses

Social Media Readiness Course from Tracy Bennett for tweens and teens that's like a "driver's license for the internet" plus 2 parent courses re: safety & family guidelines.

Phonewise Bootcamp for Parents 4 week digital course from Devorah Heitner at Raising Digital Natives.

Cell Phone & Technology Family Contracts

Cell-phone contracts:


Technology Contract:

Social Media Contract:

Social Media

Positive Impact of Social Media 

22 experts (including ME!) weigh in on the lesser-discussed positive potentials of social media for our kiddos if conscientiously guided. 




The Social Dilemma 

Award-winning documentary-drama hybrid reveals the devious strategies used by social media, and the consequences of our growing dependence on social media. A MUST-WATCH with your 8th+ grade kids, as it helps them be armed with reasons to keep their use in check. 


Science Behind Social Media's Hold on Our Mental Health (Teen Vogue)

Great article to share and talk about with your teens about the impact social media can have on mental heal

Social Media and Mental Health: How to Make Your Relationship Healthier (Teen Vogue)

Another good one to share with your teen to help them create healthy boundaries with social media.

Video/Computer Gaming

Teaching Kids the Brain Traps of Video Games May Break the Spell!!!!

This article is THE most helpful resource I've used with tweens & teens to help THEM understand the psychological workings that make gaming addictive.

Porn Education & Response
Culture Reframed
FREE online course - one for Parents of Tweens and one for Parents of Teens - designed to help our kids develop resilience and resistance to hypersexualized media and porn. Step-by-step modules Including educational videos, conversation scripts, and resources for parents. A FANTASTIC YouTube channel!!!! And heaps of research and info re: the impact of prn on youth. 
Parental Controls ​


What I love about Bark is that it alerts us to online content and even conversations our kids are engaging in vs blocking or screening them. Including monitoring social media, text messages, & other activities for signs of cyberbullying, depression, sexual content, drug messages, etc. Thus serving as a springboard to valuable conversations vs just a gatekeeper. 


The only customizable parental control search! REALLY helpful.

PC Mag: Best Parental Control Software 

Objective reviews of various parental control software, updated annually. 

Parental Control Software and Cell Phone Monitoring Comparison Guide

Pros and cons to dozens of the top parental control and cell phone monitoring apps on the market from SmartSocial.

Talking About Online Predators ​

Social Media Dangers Exposed by Mom Posing as 11-Year-Old

THIS VIDEO IS A MUST-WATCH with your middle and high schoolers!! A real-live experiment where a false tween and teen social media account was created, horrifically surfaces the dangers of online predators for our kids. They have to see it to understand.









AWESOME CRUCIAL articles to help us steer our kids through the scary world of online predators. 

Problem Use & Addiction 

Dr Nicholas Kardaras

Expert on technology addiction, has helped developed clinical treatment programs all over the country for older teens/young adults.

Dr David Greenfield 

Provides consultation and counseling on addictive technology use, has a lot of video content about virtual addictions. His website has free virtual questionnaires to assess addictive technology use: 

ReSTART Residential Treatment

Our country's first and foremost inpatient teen residential treatment program (age 13-18) for all technology-related addictions (Gaming, social media, phones etc). They also provide coaching, therapy and treatment for young adults. 

Camp Pocono Trails

Summer program in Pennsylvania focusing on changing teen online behavior: smartphone, video game, internet or social media overuse.

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive & Survive in their Digital World - Devorah Heitner 
Screentime in the Meantime: A Parenting Guide To Get Kids & Teens Internet Safe - Dr Tracy Bennett
Screentime in the Meantime: GKIS Home Starter WorkbookDr Tracy Bennett
Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids - and How to Break the Trance - Dr Nicholas Kardaras
Digital Madness: How Big Tech is Driving Our Mental Health Pandemic-and the Ancient Prescription for Sanity - Dr Nicholas Kardaras

Positive Impact of Social Media SmartSocial
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