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Substance Use Resources

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Members Only Resources

("Members" = previous workshop attendees) 

Below are resources hand selected by me. Enjoy my absolute favorite content!


Drug & Alcohol Info 


Youth Risk Behavior Survey

National middle & high school survey that includes questions on substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors, and breaks down data by state.  

Monitoring the Future Survey

Survey of national youth drug trends conducted for 25+ years.

National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health

Surveys national drug abuse trends in kids age 12+. 

CDC Shareable graphics & videos

Great graphics to help teach/share current opioid stats /students and families



National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Scientific Information about all drugs of abuse and how to assess problems.

Truth Initiative

Anti-nicotine education, research, and activism


Still Blowing Smoke

Up-to-date Info on ecigs. Great collection of articles.

Extensive list of substance use info on my Parent Resource page 


My LIfe My Quit

Teens receive 5 free text, phone or online support in the form of 5 sessions with a “Personal Quitting Coach” that uses motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral strategies.


This is Quitting

This text-based program from “Truth Initiative” involves receiving messages focused on building skills and confidence, and instant support when needed.


quitSTART App

Free smartphone app to guide teens and young adults in quitting nicotine. Serves as a coach, cheerleader and distracting playmate all in one!

For School Counselors: 

See Educator Resources for Alternatives to Suspension & Drug & Alcohol Education Curriculum 

Resources to share with Parents: Parent Resource Page


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