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Education. Consultation. Transformation.

"When we learn with pleasure we never forget." 
Alfred Mercier 

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We live in a world that is increasingly addictive, risky, and complex for adolescents in our lives. I have over 20 years of experience working with diverse youth and families, providing empowering information, tools, and support to parents, schools, and community organizations on guiding the kids we care about healthily and resiliently into young adulthood. All while keeping our relationships with them strong, and our own sanity intact!

I bring my expertise and engaging facilitation style to a variety of settings and services, weaving humor, empathy, and a social justice lens into all that I do.

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Clients say...
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Suzanna Loar
Clinician & Parent

"Kriya came to my daughter’s school to educate parents on drug availability and abuse in this area. She was engaging and playful and kept our interest throughout her presentation. I highly recommend her- she will keep you on the edge of your seat. Very informed and talented presenter. I am a licensed substance abuse counselor myself and I walked away with much newly gained knowledge."

Jenn Romero.webp

Jenn Romero 
High School Dean 
Noble Academy

"Kriya created a really informative and engaging full-day of student programming along with parent and professional development tailored for our school's population. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge professionally that comes with tons of common sense and real-world information. I have heard Kriya speak several times in different settings and I always come away learning something new. In addition to being a great source of information, she's really funny and so easy to get along with." 


Sarena Fuller 
Executive Director Artspace Charter School

"Kriya's presentation was brilliantly developed and delivered.  She created a safe, positive environment for parents to engage in challenging conversations about the pressures facing our children.  The material was based in science, tempered with personal experiences, and shared with a dose of humor.  Kriya was direct and encouraging.  I look forward to having her back."


Tara Chandler 
Clinical Director 
Appalachian Counseling

 "I recently had her train my staff about working with substance use and teens/parents.  My staff continually comment on how much they learned and how different their approach is now that they have had Kriya’s training.  She managed to work an extremely comprehensive training into a rushed hour long training and did a brilliant job."


Susie Fahrer 
Executive Director Rainbow Community School 

Our Alumni often comment on how prepared and grounded they felt when topics of drugs, personal health, and peer pressure surfaced in high school.  Kriya's commitment to the work is visible in her passion and her capacity to remain on the forefront of best practices and resources. We are a stronger, safer, and more informed community as a result of her work with our school. 

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