"When we learn with pleasure we never forget." 

Alfred Mercier 

Kriya Lendzion

Education. Consultation. Transformation. 



I am a counselor, facilitator,

educator, speaker, curriculum

designer, and consultant  who

incorporates expressive and

visual arts, adventure-based 

education, mindfulness

practices, an equity lens and humor into all that I do. 


I bring my engaging teaching style to classrooms, parent education, professional development, and personal growth workshops. I can also provide

pre-packaged curricula or personalized coaching to help you facilitate lessons and implement programs in your own settings.

Clients say...





"Most amazing Parent Ed I have seen, and I have had lots of opportunity to see programs in WNC." 
- Evergreen Community Charter School Parent 
"I have attended three of Kriya's workshops - one as a parent and two as an educator.  I find her to be full of fascinating facts, compelling stories, and deep passion for the topic of substance use. I have taken several action steps as a mom and as a principal based on her recommendations.  The love and guidance for my own daughter and the students with whom I work will be enhanced by Kriya's teachings. " 
-Meg Turner, Principal Owen High School
"Kriya's drug and addiction education dovetails perfectly with our school's focus on educating the whole student. Rather than plod through a laundry list of harmful substances, she coaches students to identify addictive behavior, regardless of the target. We believe that Kriya gives our students the skills to make healthy choices for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, she is able to pair cutting-edge research with a wealth of experience as a counselor, shooting it straight with our students about the dangers of drugs and addiction. Kriya also went out of her way to provide our teachers with additional curricular materials so that the impact of her work reverberated throughout our program for months instead of days.. " 
-Felix Dowsley, Dean of Students, French Broad River Academy for Boys 
"Kriya created a really informative and engaging full-day of student programming along with parent and professional development tailored for our school's population. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge professionally that comes with tons of common sense and real-world information. I have heard Kriya speak several times in different settings and I always come away learning something new. In addition to being a great source of information, she's really funny and so easy to get along with." 
- Jenn Romero, High School Dean, Noble Academy 
"Kriya’s presentation was extremely useful in helping our staff connect on a deeper level and in leading us to more productive communication skills and habits. Our empathetic listening skills have improved both our communications within the staff and with our customers."
 Rae Geoffrey, Assoc. Dir. Diana Wortham Theatre
"It was very healing on a soul level. There was a sense for me as a parent of truly not being alone. And not only of being in the community of parents but of sharing responsibility for the solutions between the generations." 
- Parent of 3 Teens, Attendee of Parent/Child Workshop 
"Kriya came to my daughter’s school to educate parents on drug availability and abuse in this area. She was engaging and playful and kept our interest throughout her presentation. I highly recommend her- she will keep you on the edge of your seat. Very informed and talented presenter. I am a licensed substance abuse counselor myself and I walked away with much newly gained knowledge."
- Susanne Loar, LCSWA, LCAS, CSI
"Kriya's presentation style is amazing! She provided valuable information to students in a fun and engaging way. Her genuine and laid back nature resonates well with students. She managed to get the kids' attention, keep them engaged and relate positively throughout the process. Not an easy task with middle schoolers!"
-  Adina Cooper, Previous School Counselor, Artspace Charter School
"Kriya did an amazing job talking to our middle and high school students about drugs and alcohol. She has a very no-nonsense, confident approach that resonates with both students and parents--no simple feat! Because of her, our students were prepared to make safer, smarter choices for themselves through understanding what addiction is and how drugs damage the developing teen brain."
-  Cory Adams, Co-Director, Odyssey Community School 
"Kriya is a veteran in education and school counseling who still has the spark of a first year teacher. She has great instincts, is highly skilled, creative, and can effectively collaborate with students and adults alike. Kriya is an amazing consultant, tremendously helpful and a trusted resource during crisis. And she is a pleasure to work with and fun to boot."  
-  Brigitta Catoe, Asst. Head of School, Hanger Hall 

"Your vibe engaged my child , so that she actually enjoyed the workshop. My husband and I would gladly take any class you would offer regarding raising teens in this crazy world!"

- Asheville High Parent, Attendee at Parent/Child session

"She has a great sense of humor and connects easily with teenagers because her finger is on the pulse of teenage trends.  My students raved about their interactions with her and immediately engaged in the topics she discussed."

 - Mary Elizabeth Martin, Dean of Students, Asheville School

Tel: 702-292-1873



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